Home Births
I especially love home births. It is so beautiful to see the family grow and change right in the home.  It is very special to help a woman give birth in her home and tuck her into her own bed soon after. There is no place more comfortable after giving birth!

Home birth is extremely safe and comfortable for most families. I bring all the essential medical equipment with me.  You purchase a home birth kit of simple supplies to keep your home protected and clean. There is no special planning or preparation involved. 

For most women, birthing at home feels safe and comfortable. You are more relaxed in your home than anywhere else, and birth proceeds most naturally and smoothly when you are relaxed. 

Family and children are welcome at your birth, should you choose to have them there. Anyone who will help you feel relaxed and safe is helpful to be at your birth. While many first-time moms prefer to birth with the greater privacy of just their significant other and the midwives, many women have family or friends who are wonderfully supportive and can help the laboring mom through any of labor’s challenges. For women not having a first baby, older children can be a source of joy whether they are at the birth or they are brought in immediately after the birth. Even pets can be in the home safely as long as they are not a distraction to the laboring mom. I come to your house for a home visit before the birth, and again the day after you deliver. After that, office visits are scheduled on day 3-5, 14, and at 6 weeks postpartum. More visits are included if they are necessary for any reason. 

Water Births
Water births are very popular and safe. Soaking in a warm bath can help a woman relax when labor feels intense. 
Since relaxation is essential for a smooth, safe birth, many women find it very helpful to have water available. 
Some women labor in their home bath tubs, while others choose to purchase home birth tubs. Either option is fine. 

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