​Women have given birth naturally for as long as they have been giving birth. With the right support and care from a Portland midwife, most women who want to give birth naturally, without drugs, can do it. Encouragement, massage, and water (a birth tub) are often the best tools to support a laboring mom. It is important for all of her chosen support people (spouse or partner, family, friends) to give guidance and support as well so they can best help the laboring mom without fear that they will not do things right. As a Portland pediatrician and midwife, I help everyone at the birth to keep us all working together as a team to help the laboring mom reach her goal safely and with great joy. 

Natural childbirth depends on having a good support team for the mom and her partner. Labor is a challenge for everyone involved, and a skilled midwife can help make sure that everyone gets their needs met through the whole process.

Most women labor naturally without needing more than some massage, support, and love. Being at home, where you feel safest and most relaxed, makes labor move more smoothly and helps both mom and baby stay safe. During your labor we will monitor your baby's heartbeat periodically to make sure that the baby is doing well through labor. We also monitor the laboring mom to ensure her health and well-being. Most home births are perfectly safe and it is always my goal to make sure that they stay that way.

Water births are very popular and are also completely safe. Soaking in a warm bath can help a woman relax when labor feels intense. Since relaxation is essential for a smooth, safe birth, many women find it very helpful to have water available. Some women labor in their home bath tubs, while others choose to purchase home birth tubs. Either option is fine. Whether you choose to give birth in water or just labor in the tub, I definitely recommend having water available during your labor. 

While most home births go smoothly, sometimes the mom wants or needs help we can't provide at home, and sometimes the baby needs additional support. In these cases, we will go to the hospital. Most Portland-area hospitals are welcoming to home-births transports. I will go with you to the hospital and stay until your baby is nursing and you are ready for some much-deserved rest.

The postpartum period is often a whirlwind. Most women and families need some help and support during this period as well. Whether it is nursing or sleep or just understand what is normal and healthy for a new baby, I am always available to families after the birth. Should you need a home-visit or just a phone call, I will make sure you get your questions answered and your concerns addressed so you can get back to the best part - loving your new baby. 

If you have any questions about natural childbirth or pediatrics in Portland, feel free to contact me.
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