• Well-child checkups include everything from monitoring growth and development to addressing common concerns like teething and helping children sleep better. These are a vital part of the health of the child and the well-being of the whole family.

  • Immunizations are addressed in an individualized fashion. Every family chooses a different schedule for their children, and there is no one right way to make the choice. I discuss each immunization, the pros and cons, answer your questions, and support your decisions as the child’s parents.

  • Nutritional counseling is important at many stages in a child’s life. Introduction of solids brings up questions, and changing needs and desires as children age require changing strategies to maintain the healthiest possible diet for your child.

  • School/ sports physicals are a great time for older kids to check in with general heath questions and get information to help keep them growing and strong.

  • Acute and chronic illnesses are an important part of a pediatrics practice. Whether it’s a routine viral infection or ongoing eczema or asthma, it is important to be able to stay on top of the best treatments from every area of medicine. In most cases, natural remedies provide relief and get your child back to his or her activities quickly.

  • Allergies can drag your child down. Addressing the cause and finding remedies that help provide balance and restore health is my goal.​

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